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Mawu Moon Goddess

Welcome to The Cosmic Grove, where Goddesses, Moon Power, Traditional Women's Wellness and Spirituality comes together! In this sacred and safe grove, you'll find magical and empowering books by Brittany "Tru" Kellman, Traditional Midwife & Moon Mother, handcrafted magical candles, soaps and moon jewelry, as well as spiritual services such as readings + Reiki. Dive in to the Moon shadows and join us.

Here in this space, we evolve boldly, and reclaim our traditions through HERSTORY. -Tru Kellman

The Moon Goddess Guide Book

Moon Goddess Guide Ilustrations by Hannah Maria @artbyhannahmaria

"A Magical yet Practical Book that captivates the stories and wisdom of women and their journey to awakening their best selves through the power of the Goddess and Lunar energies."

B. Tru Kellman-Author

"I've never been synchronized with the lunar cycles. Since I read The Moon Goddess Guidebook, my life somehow miraculously seems in sync with the lunar cycles more than ever before! Your name 'Tru' is most fitting. Thank you so much for opening that channel for me."

Kichawi Daktari- Astrologist

"The Moon Goddess Guide Book is an insightful informative workbook which provides clarity and a practical understanding of cosmogony, spirituality, and the Feminine energy of the Moon. Its value and accuracy is timeless."

Erica Strong-Adero Wellness

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