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Brittany "Tru" Kellman is a radical and fearless leader in women's traditional health who pushes change for women through her passions and gifts as a healer, teacher, writer and feminist. She's a mother of three boys, Kylan, Kashawn, and Kaleo. Tru is a well known Moon Mother, Traditional Spiritualist, Doula and Certified Professional Midwife who founded Jamaa Birth Village, a sacred and safe healing and care space for expectant and parenting women of color in Ferguson, Mo. .


Tru has always been a lover of books and writing and was drawn to Traditional Spirituality and Yoga in 2006 while on a quest for inner peace and her meaning to life. While searching for a new book at her local library, she found Yoga & Reiki. Creativity sparked and her crafts, writings and leadership increased since that day. 

In 2007 she started her small business selling books by black authors, neo-soul music, handmade magical jewelry, body oils, candles and aroma blends. She expanded her business in 2009 adding handcrafted herbal and magical soaps, body products and spiritual readings. Tru is a 3rd generation soap maker and herbalist, walking in the foot steps of her great grandmother Thular. She continues with her craft as a Moon Keeper and Mother, Birth Worker, Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, and 10+ year experienced intuitive. 

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