Tru's writings captivates ancient practices molded into modern day life and reality in a magical and empowering way. Each book has its own way of unraveling fear, stagnation and doubt by rejuvenating the mind and stimulating ones emotions with stories, traditions and ceremonies celebrating women the world over. Enjoy her breathtaking books and guides that are sure to elevate thought and movement throughout life! 

The Moon Goddess Guide Book
The Moon Goddess Guide Book​

Hear the Goddess roar and awaken through the Moon Goddess Guide Book written by Brittany "Tru" Kellman, a Moon keeper and Traditional Midwife. Tru's writings takes you on a journey of remembering the lost wisdom of Goddesses all over the world while awakening your inner lunar gifts. Combined with Illustrations by Hannah Maria, Tru's unique storytelling shares the way of the wise woman and gracious force of the gentle moon allowing you to embody the cosmic lunar presence that has always been present, waiting to be tapped into.


As you wax and wane through each page, you'll learn practical and spiritual connections that women hold to the Moon. Each word welcomes fruitful visions of the Moon Goddesses coming to life through cosmology, moon wisdom, ritual, ceremony, tradition and individual healing, removing stagnant vibes of a patriarchal society. The Moon Goddess Guide Book reclaims our power as women, owns the energy and gifts of the Moon, and empowers you to roar magically in your divine lunar energy. Become your greatest self, one page at a time! 

This amazing guidebook features stories of ⏩12 Moon Goddesses⏪from all over the world and many different cultures, awakening your inner goddess, power and lunar energy with each turning page.

It also features Moon guided segments on:

🌑Understanding the Moon & her gifts
🌒Embodying the Moon Goddess
🌓Lunar Rituals and Ceremonies
🌕Eating & fasting by the light of the moon
🌖Moon Charging & Moon Money 
🌗Sex & Menstrual moon wisdom
🌘Moon Goddess Yoga & Meditation
🌑Healing your inner child or trauma w/Lunar energy
⭐2018 Moon Calendar Insert & Much More!!

🌙 Book released on the Spring Equinox 2018⭐

A Black Woman's Guide to Home Birth: For Women & Families of Color & The Birth Workers Who Serve Them

Are you considering a Home Birth or are you a Birth Worker supporting black and brown families? If so, The Home Birth Guide for Black Women and Women of Color is a must have guidebook with both traditional and evidence based information from a cultural and spiritual perspective written by Moon Mother and Midwife Brittany "Tru" Kellman. This guidebook is full of inspiration, cultural pregnancy & birth traditions, planning and preparation segments and and amazing stories from black and brown home birth moms across the world. 

This book is practical, inspiring, and magical in its writings as it includes chapters on: 


*Preparing your mind, body and family for homebirth

*Finding your ideal birth team

*Unassisted, Partner-Led & Midwife attended Homebirths

*Self-Led Prenatal Care

*Materials & Kits for a well prepared birth

*Laws and Legalities for Home and Unassisted Births

*Herbs & Natural preparations for a healthy pregnancy, birth & Postpartum journey

*Ceremonies & Rites of Passages for the mother

A Black Woman's Pregnancy Guide to Yoga

Change your narrative, awaken your inner power and connect your mind, emotions, body and spirit through Tru's practical and empowering hands on book, "A Black Woman's Guide to Yoga." Explore the roots of Yoga from Africa to India to America while finding your center and calm in mindfulness, breath bliss and body faith. Learn to believe in you every thought, every breath and every step. A Black Woman's Guide to Yoga is a must have for teens, to adults, to expectant mamas to our elders. Stay tuned for the release date!