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New & Waxing Crescent Moon Abundance

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

Quite often, things written down at the New Moon have a way of manifesting by the Full Moon, 14 days later. If for any reason your desires do not manifest within the 14-day phases, expand your desire during the Full Moon and bring more energy to it. Give it two phases for completion or signs of completion.

If you’re using a personal or business check, for the date write in the New Moon phase. Write your name on the payee line and write Paid in Full on the line beneath it. You can also write an amount that you’re comfortable receiving. Write Paid in Full in the amount box. On the memo line you can write your desire. Sometimes I also write my desires on the back of my check. As well, sign the Law of Abundance on the signature line.

If you are using the check above, print and cut it out and fill in the lines as mentioned above. Bless your New Moon Abundance Check and set your intentions.

Place your check in a sacred safe space as the Moon waxes. That’s it!

This is the best way to work in harmony with the New Moon and claim your abundance!

For a downloadable pdf copy, email


Moon Mother Tru

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