• Brittany "Tru" Kellman

The Moon Goddess Guide Book Has Launched!

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

Happy Spring Equinox! At the tip of the Earth's annual new year, we open the gateways to a ancient and modern way of being. Step into The Cosmic Grove by illuminating the greatest parts of yourself as a Goddess of the Moon. A Goddess of the Moon owns her own power, writes her own story, and harmonizes her gifts through the balance of our earth and moon, our planets most potent energy centers for women. Tru, the author and creator of The Cosmic Grove, publishes her first book unleashing her secrets, stories and ritual traditions that have supported her in becoming a young successful black woman all by turning inward and lifting herself from the restraints of the world and turning outward by honoring ancient women, Goddesses and the light of the Moon.

Light a candle, grab a journal, and open the pages of the sacred book The Moon Goddess Guide and began to weave your own story, one page at a time!

-Moon Mother Tru

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