Are you considering a Home Birth or are you a Birth Worker supporting black and brown families? If so, The Home Birth Guide for Black Women and Women of Color is a must have guidebook with both traditional and evidence based information from a cultural and spiritual perspective written by Moon Mother and Midwife Brittany "Tru" Kellman. This guidebook is full of inspiration, cultural pregnancy & birth traditions, planning and preparation segments and and amazing stories from black and brown home birth moms across the world. 

This book is practical, inspiring, and magical in its writings as it includes chapters on: 


*Preparing your mind, body and family for homebirth

*Finding your ideal birth team

*Unassisted, Partner-Led & Midwife attended Homebirths

*Self-Led Prenatal Care

*Materials & Kits for a well prepared birth

*Laws and Legalities for Home and Unassisted Births

*Herbs & Natural preparations for a healthy pregnancy, birth & Postpartum journey

*Ceremonies & Rites of Passages for the mother


Please allow 5-7 days for shipment. 

A Black Woman's Guide to Home BirthPaperback