Fill your space and time with your individual map of existence. Go deep within freeing up blockages and stagnant energy getting to your core blisse and purpose on Mawu Earth through the stories and hands on ceremonies in The Moon Goddess Guide Book. As you read the book comes to life allowing you to listen to your breath, feel your healing light, while syncing into the sacredness of your inner lunar energy. Journey with Tru as you discover the beauty and peaceful and powerful Moon Goddess energy. Learn more about who you are, what you want and where you are going. The Moon Goddess Guide Book guides you to embracing a lifestyle with you at the top of the priority list while empowering your inner feminine being. Learn to love holistically, inside then out. Invite your entire being to a unique and sacred space of love, while preparing your mind, body and spirit for rejuvenation, transformation and rebirthing. Yes, the time is now! 

The Moon Goddess Guide Book (E-Book)